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These people are contestants successfully PWNed on GeekPwn platform, we appreciate their help to protect Smart Life. >> Go to Hall of Fame
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GeekPwn, started from Oct 24th 2014, is a contest for security geeks. It focuses on security of Smart Life. The rules set no limitation on the PWN target types, geeks can choose their targets freely.>>FAQ
Contestant Registration
Anyone who wants to register the GeekPwn Mid-Year Contest can submit application form online and wait for GeekPwn Committee's evaluation result.
Registration Deadline: April 12th, 2017
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GeekPwn Mid-Year Contest Rules
Initial Prize Pool 5 Million RMB
PWN targets scopes
  • Smart devices, IoT products in public markets are all acceptable PWN targets. If contestant with no privileges can get system control, access private data or break through original security mechanisms in reasonable attack conditions.
  • Public available AI services are also acceptable PWN targets. If contestant can mislead, confuse and/or cheat AI system to make wrong judgment, decision.
  • A printer is infected by a malware. That malware can transfer data from the air-gapped network to a drone through laser.
  • Through analyzing the movement of user's palm recorded by wearable device, attacker may know user's password for accessing ATM machine, Electronic access control and enterprise servers.
  • Microsoft's Tay, an AI bot that lived on Twitter, Kik, and GroupMe, was manipulated by Internet trolls into becoming a racist potty-mouth in less than 24 hours. Tay was PWNed.
  • Hackers with experience in AI could force neural network misidentify images. For example, AI may think a panda is a vulture; the queen is wearing a shower cap instead of a crown when hackers feed AI with special subtly altered images.
Judgments Rules
  • GeekPwn committee will evaluate the creativity, technical difficulty, impact, demonstration effects to decide the prizes.
  • Online Registration: Fill and submit registration form according to hints, to finish the online registration.
  • Initial Review: GeekPwn committee will take initial review in 5 workdays and decide whether you can be a candidate.
  • Final Review: In final review, GeekPwn committee will decide if the registration is accepted. After that, GeekPwn organizer will discuss with contestants on more details.
  • Registration Deadline: April 12th, 2017(If you have any question regarding application, please contact cfp@geekpwn.org)
Judgment Rules
1. The PWN target (device, application or security module) should be in factory shipped state with official updates and default settings. The ROM and/or software versions should be >= the latest version on Apr. 12th (30 days before the event).

2. All the technical approaches must be contestant's original work. All the public known PWN approaches could not be used and win the contest. Winning contestants need to submit technical details report.

3. Some special awards will be offered by GeekPwn committee based on the PWN technical difficulty, creativity and demonstration effects.

5. GeekPwn committee reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of all rules.
Vulnerability Disclosure Process
GeekPwn follows the vulnerability disclosure process as below:
Notice to Manufacturers in Advance
Two weeks before the GeekPwn event, GeekPwn committee will send notice to manufacturers to inform them that their products will be PWN targets. The manufacturers can register to participate the event and see the whole PWN demonstration.

Note: The official email address is committee@geekpwn.org. GeekPwn committee will contact manufacturers with contact information on manufacturers public web site. But, because we are not able to verify those information, GeekPwn committee will not release any vulnerability information before GeekPwn event.
Responsible Disclosure Afterwards
GeekPwn committee will deliver the vulnerabilities details collected to manufacturers in two weeks after GeekPwn event. The manufacturers need to acknowledge and let GeekPwn committee know if the vulnerability does exist. GeekPwn committee will provide assistance during the process.

For the situations below, GeekPwn may report the vulnerability to 3rd party vulnerability collect platform and release partial information to public therefore push manufacturers fix the product in time.

a) GeekPwn committee cannot contact the manufacurers before and after the GeekPwn events.
b) The manufacturer has no official feedback on vulnerability report after 3 working days.
c) The manufacturer and GeekPwn committee don't have same opinions on whether the vulnerabilities exist.
GeekPwn committee reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute.
Judges and Counsellors

Yu Yang(Judge)

Yu Yang, known as Tombkeeper or TK, is one of the three winners worldwide of Microsoft security bounty program with 100 thousand USD for his research findings of mitigation bypass techniques. He is a veteran with rich experience in security research field and has abundant research results on vulnerabilities, malware etc. In addition, he independently found the techniques to break iPhone fingerprint identification mechanism , BadBarcode and BadTunnel etc. He has great fame in security community with his high-quality presentations in Black Hat USA, CanSecWest, HITCon, XCon and many other security conferences. Now, he is head of Tencent XuanWu Security Research Lab.

Wei Tao (Judge)

Dr. Wei Tao is the leader of Baidu Security Lab, and was Associate Professor of Beijing University. He is a Co-organizer of BitBlaze, well known security team in UC Berkeley. He is also a Co-founder of MITBBS. He has made great achievements in both security academy and industry. He is now the leader of Baidu security lab, including sites of Beijing and San Francisco Bay Area. The lab is providing advanced security technology and ability to Baidu business.

Wan Tao (Judge)

Wan Tao is LeCloud computing security center general manager, co-founder of IDF Security Lab and Yiyun Social Innovation Center, member of Chinese Computer Forensics Technology Committee, senior consultant to Chinese Academy of Engineering Development strategy of China's information and electronic engineering technology research center expert committee.After graduated from BJTU, he worked for PwC, CAJinchen and IBM, and was in charge of the information program on telecommunications, airlines, Banks and other large enterprises and financial institutions.He delivered numbers of speeches on security conferences at home and abroad, such as Phdays in Russia, POC in South Korea, Hitcon in Taiwan. He also has been reported by CCTV and TIME Magazine, etc.Currently he focuses in the researches and practices of threats intelligence, security of IoT, digital radio and socialization big data.

Xu Hao (Judge)

Xu Hao, known as Windknown, co-founder and key security researcher of Pangu Team, which is the first China team to accomplish iOS Jailbreak. His current focus is on OSX/iOS system security and application development. He also has rich research experience on Windows system security, including vulnerability, rootkit and virtualization. He has the fame in security community with high-quality presentations in Black Hat USA, XCon, POC, Syscan, Syscan360 and many other security conferences.

Zhuge Jianwei (Judge)

Dr. Zhuge Jianwei, is the Research Fellow of Network Science and Network Space Research Institute, and Network and Information Security Lab, Tsinghua University. He is the top lecturer and researcher on network and system security area, and supports the CCERT operations. He is also the leader of Blue Lotus CTF team (Tsinghua University), which entered DefCon CTF Finals for several times. The team is the first China team to enter CTF Finals.

Wang Yu (Judge)

Wang Yu loves everything regarding OS kernel, from the implementation of kernel architecture, driver programming, rootkit/anti-rootkit to hunting and exploiting of vulnerabilities, Android root. Currently, he’s working for a well-known internet security company, engaged in the research of vulnerabilities and APT recognition. He delivered speeches on the conferences such as SysCan360 2012/2013, Hitcon 2013, Black Hat USA2014.

Qu Bo (Judge)

Key member of 0x557, expert of vulnerability mining and exploitation, famous writer in security community. From year 2003, he discovered and published lots of web security issues, and presented lots of original exploitation techniques. He expanded his research areas to binary since year 2006, and had rich findings on PRC, kernel, Office, PDF and Flash vulnerabilities. He also worked on forensics tools of x86, ARM and MIPS platforms. Since year 2013, he got the fame in worldwide security community to submit hundreds of Internet Explorer vulnerabilities to Microsoft from the research team he leads.

Ding Ke(Counsellor)

Tencent vice president, director of Tencent Security, well-known security expert in China. He joined Tencent in 2003 and became the chief director and general manager of 9 business departments in Tencent. The departments include Telecommunications Business department, Wireless Product department, Wireless R&D department, 3G Product Center, etc. He was one of the founders of many product lines in Tencent. Prior to joining Tencent, he worked at Cisco China and Lucent Technologies and achieved excellent results.

Du Yuejin (Counsellor)

Dr. Du is the Vice President of Security Department of Alibaba Group. With over 17 years working experiences in network security, he has built up the network security emergency response team of China. He was the director of National Engineering Lab for Cyber Security Emergency Response Technology of China and National Cyber Security Technology Research Institute of China, and Vice President of APCERT (Asia-Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team ). He is also a part-time professor and tutor of Ph.D. students in several Universities. He has won first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award of China, ISC2 Information Technology Expert Award, etc.

Yuan Renguang (Counsellor)

Mr. Yuan is the Director of Tencent ZhanLu Lab. He is a well-known guru-level representative of network security researchers and white-hat hackers in China. He was the first researcher in China who analyzed Windows system-level codes and found Windows 9X 'Share Level Password' vulnerability, IIS Unicode vulnerabilities.

Wang Qi(Organizer)

DaNiuWa, initializer and organizer of GeekPwn, founder and CEO of KEEN. He was the first principle security researcher of Microsoft Asia Pacific, and co-founder of China Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) which is the the first regional MSRC out of Microsoft headquarter.

Spectator Register and Tickets

We welcome all (professional or not) who are interested in security geeks to join GeekPwn HongKong Contest. We hope to experience all great moment with you together on the Sea.

GeekPwn HongKong contest tickets:

Visit GeekPwn official ticket web site, buy tickets online. 2017geekpwnhk-en.eventdove.com

There're two levels of tickets for GeekPwn Hong Kong. Balcony Stateroom costs USD 860 and Inside Stateroom costs USD 730. Book early, and you can get a discount. Students and groups can get more discounts.

Chamber Currency Pricing Feb.27-Apr.12 Apr.13-Apr.28 Apr.29-May.5
General Student/Group General Student/Group General Student/Group
Balcony Stateroom RMB 5,899 2,899 —— 3,899 3,299 5,899 3,899
USD 860 429 —— 570 480 860 570
Inside Stateroom RMB 4,999 1,999 —— 2,999 2,299 4,999 2,999
USD 730 299 —— 439 335 730 439

Ticket cover:
* GeekPwn HongKong contest VIP seat, GeekPwn gift
* HongKong Dream Cruises ticket (May 12th - 14th, including 2 nights accommodation, free meals, onboard facilities, entertainment and events)

Ticket will cover the Harbour fee, not including your trip to and from HongKong, service fee (about HKD 110 per night);
The price includes the accommodation of sharing one twin room. Private room will charge extra 50% fee;
The students need to submit supporting documentation such as pictures of valid University ID or other valid certificates;
The group applies to three or more than three people team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GeekPwn?

GeekPwn is an international security community focusing in smart life. GeekPwn is held by KEEN every May 12th and Oct 24th to provide chances for security geeks to show their talents.

Who can sign up GeekPwn? How?

Anyone can sign up, as long as the submitted project meets laws and ethics, and is accepted by the committee. Please find corresponding application forms here, fill the form and submit. The committee will issue 2 rounds of reviews then decide if the application is accepted.

What kind of vulnerabilities would be accepted by GeekPwn?

From IoT, Smart devices, to AI services, any successful compromises of security restrictions have chances to be accepted. You can learn more about our past winner and their targets through Hall of Fame.

Who will provide the devices in the project?

All the target devices are provided by GeekPwn committee. The committee will purchase the target devices according to the contestants’ request. The day before the contest, the contestants can upgrade the target devices under the supervision of the judge panel, to make its software/firmware version meet the requirement of GeekPwn. All the attacking devices are taken along by the contestants themselves, including computers, software tools, hardware tools, etc.

What’s the requirement for the target devices’ software/firmware version?

According to the rules, the device should be patched with official updates, and the version should be equal to or newer than the version on 30 days before the contest.

Is network access provided in the contest?

Yes, in the contest GeekPwn committee will provide dedicated network for the project through both wired and wireless access. The dedicated network is specified for a certain project, and isn’t shared with other projects or spectators. The contestant can determine whether the network is connected to internet. The contestants can bring their own network devices as backup. But they are only allowed to use under the permission of the judge panel.

Do contestants need to pay the GeekPwn registration (tickets to Dream Cruises) for each entry/target?

No, we don't require registration fee this year. The committee will provide ship tickets for no more than 2 contestants in each project.

Is there a limit on the number of submissions for a single contestant/group? Can a contestant submit multiple exploits for different products?

No, there isn’t a limit. You can submit as many as you can.

What if my target is not listed in GeekPwn’s scope in the official website?

The targets listed on the page is just for reference and enlightening. Any new ideas of Pwning is welcomed.

I cannot participate this time, but I know someone who can.

Please tell us by filling the form . If the application is accepted in initial review, you will have the chance to win a free ticket. If the recommended application wins in GeekPwn, you will get extra 10% of the prize as the recommendation reward.

How do people overseas buy GeekPwn tickets?

People overseas can visit the English version of the official ticket web site, and buy tickets online through PayPal.

In addition to purchasing tickets, what else do the spectators need to prepare?

The spectators should check whether their passports need a visa for Hong Kong, and apply for visa if not.

What is special in GeekPwn 2017 Hong Kong contest?

This is the first party for Security Geeks on the sea. On the first Hacker Cruise, in the geeks party, geeks from Security, Robots, AI fields join together.

GeekPwn is the first worldwide security geek contest for smart life, aiming to expand the research area of white hats, (e.g. to IoT security and AI security), as well as to help vendors improve security of products.
Organizer: Keen Team is the security research team of Keen Cloud Tech. The team focuses on helping worldwide leading software manufacturers, which have adopted advanced security engineering methodologies, to discover and fix security vulnerabilities. In the past years, Keen Team has discovered and reported hundreds of high-risk vulnerabilities to Microsoft, Apple, Google etc. Keen Team is currently focusing on the security research of cloud computing security and mobile security.
Contestant Registration: cfp@geekpwn.org

Tickets: ticket@geekpwn.org

Business Cooperations: business@geekpwn.org

Media Cooperations: marketing@geekpwn.org